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   TEL                 412-302-2027



Important Information


Aromatherapy is treatment which could work on body and mind holistically by power of  

    essencial oil. It is applied by therapist hands. Actually, essential oil acts on improving the

    function of body and mind. But, the purpose of aromatherapy treatment is for relaxation. It is

    not intended to cure illnesses.



KAYUMANIS is a private home salon, so it's available for women only.

    Due to the size of my workspace, customer is encourged to come alone as there is no space to

    accompany extra people.  



We couldn't accept anyone to which the following apply. 


 ・Receiving medical treatment

      (Please consult your physician before an appointment)

 ・Have contagious disease 

 ・Within 24 hours after vaccination 

 ・Within 6 months after operation 

 ・Within 2 days after sunburn

 ・Within 12 hours after drinking alcohol

 ・The beginning of pregnancy 

  (Within first 16 weeks of pregnancy; only with physician's permission after 16 weeks


  Please note depending on the result of the pre-treatment consultation the treatment may

      have to be postponed. 


   Please allow 1+ hour for treatment

      (Consultation, Changing of clothes, Tea time)


   Cancellation Policy - Please provide 3 hours advance notice or fee will apply.